Ultimatum Boxing

Ultimatum Boxing
All Coaches and Athletes have their preferences when it comes to the tools and equipment they rely on day to day.
I'm no different of course. I take my work very seriously, as I know that my own choices and ability to deliver directly ties in to my clients and athletes reaching their goals and potential.
My choice is Ultimatum Boxing, a Russian company established in 2012 by pro boxers, engineers and scientists. They consistently create products that meet the very highest professional standards of safety, comfort and functional performance; wether that be gloves, pads, protective gear or coaching tools.
The team over at Ultimatum Boxing and the equipment they produce ensure that I can put full concentration on my clients. I'm never let down or in doubt of the quality of my coaching tools and that makes a big difference.
On the athlete side, their selection of gloves ranges from entry level offerings all the way up to professional lace up training and fight gloves and their protective equipment is of the highest standard. 
If you are in need of new equipment you can trust and are open to something new, It wouldn't hurt to check out Ultimatum.
If you’re looking for a nice discount with your purchase then you can type COACHDP at the checkout!
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