Spearpoint Leadership Program - Foundation Seminar

There’s only so many times you can get lucky as an organization in the absence of good leadership, regardless of effort.


We live in a rapidly changing World.  The technology we all have at our disposal, the sheer wealth of information readily available to us and even the motivations behind our goals and decisions; things are ever evolving.
However, one thing that can always be relied upon to stay unchanged is the competitive advantage that teamwork will bring to companies and organizations.
When people can effectively work together in pursuit of a shared goal or common purpose it boosts productivity, creativity, efficiency and provides the energy needed to succeed; no matter the goal.

There is of course a vital cog to any great team; that is the person who is tasked with leading and guiding team members towards their potential; The Leader!
Teams and organizations will succeed or fail based on the quality of their leaders.  It is their abilities and strategies in getting the best out of the teams in place which will certainly provide the key element in goal accomplishment!

Now, for the sake of both the Organization and the teams within it; it is essential that they have leaders with the capability and skills to deliver. 
The way this year has gone so far - this should resonate with you more than ever!
Leaders and future leaders…If you want the best for your team, your industry and of course yourself; Let me make sure you’re properly armed for the job.

My Spearpoint leadership program was created to be the vehicle I use to share the insights, tactics and strategies I know will add value to leaders both new and seasoned.

I draw from extensive real world experience of high pressure team work and leadership as a Royal Marines Commando section Commander.  The work was intense, stakes were exceptionally high, the rules and regulations were complex and environments were extremely hostile.  Despite all of this; failure and a drop in standards where never options on the table.

I always believed that if the principles of leadership and teamwork I had learned and utilised worked under such potent circumstances - they could absolutely be adapted and valued in the civilian world.  A place where effective and capable leaders are always in demand but often fall short.

Almost 10 years have passed since my retirement as a Commando and I’m glad to say my beliefs held true.
My experiences and lessons have formed the structure of the many successful teams I have built around the world spanning various industries including sports performance, sales, health and fitness.  Teams which are well aligned towards a common goal and who take pride in all they do…teams that deliver!
The tools and insights you will learn in my Spearpoint Leadership Foundation Seminar will raise your leadership skills to the next level and help you guide your team to mission success.
At the time of writing this I am now accepting seminar requests for the second half of the year. 

To request an Information Book or to enquire about future attendance, seminar hosting or private training; Please click the email link below quoting “Spearpoint Leadership”
Best, DP.

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