Ghost Boxing Protocol (GBP) - Level 1

Ghost Boxing Protocol (GBP) - Level 1



It’s been said time and again that you don’t need to be a competitive boxer in order to implement boxing padwork and technique into your personal training sessions.



To make that training truly effective and worthwhile, you’re going to need a solid understanding and foundation of the right methods and skills you’re teaching.

Anything less than that and of course you’re doing a disservice to the clients looking to you for consistent progress and improvement.

Of course gaining that knowledge and understanding from an authentic and proven resource can be a struggle.


A solution to this issue: My boxing framework and blueprint to effective boxing coaching: 

Ghost Boxing Protocol.


I have used my years of competitive combat sports expertise, my elite level qualifications and my Senior Coaching experience across 3 continents to combine the proper principles and framework of boxing training into a package suitable for all client starting points and levels of abilities.


The GBP Level 1 certification will give you the knowledge and foundations to take the initiative and effectively plan according to your clients needs.

Example- Ghost Boxing Protocol (GBP)


Expect to Learn;

  • The correct boxing stance
  • Basic footwork and steps done the right way
  • How to throw punches correctly and at the right distance
  • Basic defensive techniques

As well as;

  • How to hold the pads safely and effectively for both you and your client
  • Ways to implement padwork into a session depending on goal
  • Understanding fluid combinations and counterpunching
  • My five aspects to a perfect strike and understanding where punching power comes from.


For those of you who put the needs and goals of the client first, who want to attract and retain business through the reputation for quality and results; this should be of great interest to you!

It's a great privilege for me to be able to share with you my years of coaching and competition experience, my professional knowledge and my expertise.  I am in no doubt that it will help both you and your clients success skyrocket.

For more information or to enquire about future course dates and locations; contact us using the email below: