About Me

David Parkinson 

✦ Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach 

✦ Award Winning Combat Sports Trainer 

✦ Former Royal Marines Commando


After drawing a line under his time as a Royal Marines Commando in 2012, Parkinson has been finely balancing his work in the fitness industry, working tirelessly to build a reputation as a highly effective and trusted Coach; alongside adding to an impressive competitive portfolio in the World of combat sports.

Parkinson has held high level coaching positions on 3 different continents and has competed at the highest level in places including China, Brazil, USA and the UK.

One of his proudest moments having been given the honour to test himself at the Shaolin Temple.


Now splitting his time between Europe and Asia, DP brings his proven track record for attaining results and the ever vital improvement of performance.  Always looking to bring out the best in his clients with his focus on Work ethic, consistency, intensity and a generous sprinkling of grit. 


His experience and approach to training make him a favourite for clients and professionals who need 100% trust in themselves, both physically and mentally; having previously had the privilege to  coach, program and train with special forces soldiers, world champion jiu jitsu and judo practitioners, mountain guides, first responders, Boxing and Kickboxing champions and of course anyone willing to comment themselves to their training to make significant progress.


Previously holding the Head Striking Coach position at the UFC Gym facilities in Taiwan, Parkinson now trains his clients under the DPFIT name as well as lending his experience and expertise as a Coach and consultant for Industry leading brands and companies such as Hublot, MyProtein, Nike Greater China, Ultimatum Boxing and as a regular contributor to GQ Magazine Taiwan.

Outside of the fitness industry, David’s passion for human performance and accomplishment has recently lead him into the world of leadership and teamwork training.

With a wealth of real world experience both leading and being lead in high pressure and hostile situations where decisions and actions are graded harshly, as well as the forming of high performance teams in the civilian world; David’s seminars and programs; Spearpoint Leadership,  shed light on what he believes are the laws and principles vital to elite leadership in an ever-changing world.

Parkinson Holds high level certifications with the NSCA, REPS(register of exercise professionals), Kellogg School of Management, EXOS, the European institute of fitness as a Master Trainer and with NASM as a continued education provider.

Additionally, he holds Senior technical coaching qualifications from the Amateur boxing association of England (England Boxing, AIBA), CBA and the Chinese Wushu association.