Ultimatum Boxing Professional Mexican Style Headgear “Gen3Mex”

Alongside the Gen3Pro gloves I’ve been using lately (and of course wrote about); You may have noticed the Gen3Pro Mexican style Headgear by Ultimatum I’ve been using for sparring sessions.

I very much doubt anyone enjoys wearing headgear in training; I know I don’t.  However, I do enjoy protecting my head and face from unnecessary bruising, cuts and swelling …something this offering from Ultimatum boxing certainly does!



There are of course different styles of boxing or combat sports headgear on the market now.  From the open face headgear offering minimal protection but having little impact on visibility; to the full face (face savers) head guards which offer maximum protection with the downside being the impact on your field of vision.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the “Mexican style” headgear which I believe is a nice balance between the 2 extremes noted above.



They have the addition of the “side protectors” that protect your face, especially cheeks and orbitals from most shots coming in whilst still maintaining a lot of visibility and mobility.  This has been my preference for a while now and as usual, Ultimatum has brought forward something that should be at the top of your list if looking for new training equipment.


So, with the Gen3 Professional Mexican style headgear what are we working with?




It goes without saying that the Gen3Mex headgear is designed and built around two things; performance and protection.

As mentioned before, with this being a Mexican style guard you have the benefits or those side protectors (cheek) doing well against most punches coming in.  It’s all done though with a really neat and compact design that can really be felt whilst training.

It feels like a really light piece of gear; owing to the shape and materials used, and you really do feel well locked in and secure…there’s no slipping or movement at all.


There is a lace up closure on the top of the head and the tried and tested velcro hook and loop for the back.  The chin strap uses a plastic buckle which i thought might have caused some rubbing or irritation but I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of it…you forget it’s there.  All of this should ensure a prefect fit for the majority of you; as long as you don’t have a pea head or a slab on top of your neck.

As with any headgear or protective equipment overall; there is the worry about maneuverability and practicality.  With head protection I’m very conscious of my line of sight…we want to be seeing those shots come in!

I can state that the Gen3Mex lets me maintain 100% natural vision and when combined with the neat design I’m good to go.



Ultimatum have gone with genuine cowhide leather here much in line with the Gen3Pro gloves and that means you get something that’s hardwearing and built for the demands of the sport as well as something that will soften and mould to your head over time.

The inner surface utilises an artificial suede.  As with its natural counterpart, it grips well to the head and works to withdraw moisture from the skin but you’ll see added benefits due to its lighter weight and the fact that it will stay soft and comfortable rather than stiffening up!



Arguably the most important aspect here…the padding and safety materials used.  In this headgear there is a proprietary mix of polymer foams.  Ultimatum ensure this works to decrease impact force transition to the head by 70%!


This padding is doubled up in the forehead and side (cheek) areas which are usually going to take the brunt of incoming strikes anyway.

To get this level of protection in a piece of gear this light and compact is fantastic. 


When training properly and engaging in sparring sessions, Headgear is essential if you have longevity and health in mind.


Ultimatum have ensured we can protect ourselves without impacting too much on performance and I would definitely put the Gen3Pro Mexican headgear up there with the Industry leading Winning FG2900 as the best on the market.



Click the link below if you want to take a look from the source and as always; you can Use my code for a little discount shop wide.  Code: COACHDP


Link👉🏻 https://ultimatumboxing.com/collections/mexican-style-headgears/products/ultimatum-boxing-professional-mexican-style-headgear-gen3mex-white?ref=armwbsxf5y_